Mark Reeves

Reconnection & releasing barriers

Fun & interactive workshops for anyone who values being in a shared space of authentic relating and connection, where we are encouraged and supported to be all that we really are.

Experience the relief, liberation and freedom when you know that you don’t need to be anything, prove anything, be good enough, clever enough, funny enough etc to be accepted. On these workshops we will give ourselves this permission that we deeply long for, to just be ourselves, as we are. No self-improvement, no striving to be a better version of yourself but seeing that there is a light and radiance at your core that is and always has been a unique expression of your perfection.

Let’s gather and see if we can gently let go of some of our restrictive patterns and contracted ways of being & living which keep us feeling stuck and less than our full potential. Through the safety and trust that we will establish with each other we will sensitively open into our vulnerability, which is the doorway to our inner being.

There will be time spent in pairs and in smaller groups, as well as discussion and interaction in the larger group. There will be no pressure to have to do anything or say anything in the larger group, but you may naturally feel that you want to, and these workshops encourage you to be true to yourself and to trust your own inner impulse and responses.

Releasing Barriers 

The 1st workshop will explore how our protection eventually becomes imprisoning, but when we have a shared sense of safety and trust we can start to soften and open. We will create a very supportive atmosphere in which we can take some risks and allow a little more of who we are to be seen.

Together we will discover the choice we always have to either go into our habitual patterns that provide comfort and protection but keep us feeling separate and closed up, or to surrender and let go, allowing the barriers to fall away.


A safe space to be YOU

In this workshop we will look at how we all yearn to belong and find our place, in community, in the world and in our life overall. However, true belonging is found at the deepest level of our inner being. This is actually with us all the time, but we lose sight of this when we are caught up in the struggles of survival, competition and ‘having to be a someone’. When we are in a space where none of this is required it can feel like a huge relief.

We can then risk opening to let in support and love and know that we are not separate but intricately connected with others and part of a much greater whole. This workshop explores that place of non-separation in a direct and immediate way that is available to us all when we come together with a shared intention to find a deeper and more meaningful way of relating and being.


Mark Reeves Dip, MA. is an integrative transpersonal coach & therapist who has been running courses and workshops in self-awareness and therapeutic healing for over 25 years. His workshops are about exploring the potential to be ourselves fully, to risk stepping into new parts of who we are and to cut through the layers of separation that exist between us when we are defended and protected. He creates a uniquely safe environment where people can explore all that is within them, in a way that feels engaging, fun and natural.

Mark draws on many modalities including Embodied Psychotherapy, Family Constellations, Somatic Sensing, Nature Based Therapy and more. He weaves all of these strands together into a rich framework of aliveness and potential during his coaching sessions.

He has recently acquired a Level 2 qualification in Children and Young People’s Mental Health and believes that young people should be supported and encouraged to trust the innate wisdom that they can access from within who they are.

“Mark holds the space with gentleness and compassion and non-judgement and is great at shining a light on the deeper truths within those feelings we may dare to share, often we have constructed so many protections and armour around ourselves over our lifetime to keep us safe and hold so tightly to our conditioned behaviour, reactions and beliefs etc that we can’t see our own truth or who we really are, If we want to go there Mark is excellent at facilitating us in breaking free from our own internal prisons to discover our true authenticity within and live from that place.”

“I felt safe and free to dive deep into my inner, most true self.”

“I find these reconnection workshops that Mark holds massively rewarding. I have been to a few, and each time I have met new insights, valuable learning and authentic connections to myself and others! I’m very touched by the depth, safely and honesty that Mark’s way of holding and listening brings.”

“Mark holds a unique safe space that invites total honesty into the room.”