Matthew Baker

The Way of the Mystic Wizard

An introduction to a NonDual-Shamanic spiritual practice.

This workshop is an introduction to a path and method for developing a sustainable daily nondual-shamanic practice that helps build a container for powerful spiritual growth and transformation. This workshop is experiential and will involve a journey to the inner world and

direct contact with the spirits that support this path and well as direct mystical transmission of the unconditioned state.

The Mystic-Wizard Experience is based on Matthew’s two decades of experience in teaching young people to enter the inner world through shamanic pathworking journeys. The journey introduces and connects people to a living stream of wisdom and spiritual empowerment. The goal is a transformed sense of self, an increased feeling of well-being and purpose, and the start of genuine life mastery.


Link to Book: Way of the Mystic Wizard:

Tea with a Druid Session 1: With Matthew Baker

Tea with a Druid Session 2: With Matthew Baker



Calista Mincks, Modern Dance: Age 23: USA

We developed an archive of lessons and conversations about transformation and mythical exploration. Little did I know that something was arising with each of these endeavors that would later surface to our awareness as an ocean of non-dual truth. It permeates seamlessly to encompass our hearts, minds and the environment. This kind of space allows for our reflections and discoveries to effortlessly arise with a subtle power. I am grateful to have such a genuine teacher to sail within the ever-thrashing and gleaming sea of transformation.

Rijusiddha, spiritual practitioner: UK

Like the threads of a beautiful tapestry the elements of journeying, seeing the nature of ourselves and reality and establishing a practice and heart connection with ourselves, our souls purpose and beyond are carefully and clearly woven together…I have both a practice and experience in both Pagan and Dharmic traditions over 15 years and this is a real gem. I recently was honoured to attend one of Mathews session in person which was profound and he is a true, kind gentle and insightful soul.