Matthew Baker

The Way of the Mystic Wizard: An Introduction to a Non Dual Shamanic Spiritual Practice and the Immortal Light Body

This workshop is an introduction to a path and method for developing a sustainable daily nondual-shamanic practice that helps build a container for powerful spiritual growth and transformation. This workshop is experiential and will involve a journey to the inner world and direct contact with the spirits that support this path and well as direct mystical transmission of the unconditioned state. It will also introduce the immortal light body practices that assist in maintaining spiritual strength and in accessing the non-dual presence. A daily light body practice changes the composition of one’s nervous system, perspective, and capacity for love, courage, and action. 

Participants will be guided through an inner world journey and through the practice of  awakening the light body. Working in two groups we will explore the lightbody,  introducing  these  playful energies and the possibilities of  awakening within this practice for self transformation


Matthew Thomas Baker is a nondual-shamanic teacher who has been teaching and mentoring students for 25 years; he is the creator of the path and the book The Way of the Mystic-Wizard. Both the path and the book are devoted to helping spiritual seekers develop and sustain a daily nondual-shamanic spiritual practice.

Matthew’s teachings focus on guided group shamanic journeys that connect people to the realm of the spirits and the soul and directly introduce people to Pure Awareness. He is one of the only teachers today who explicitly focuses on teaching the combined paths of shamanism and nonduality as a way of transformation, spiritual awakening, and empowerment. He has also been developing and teaching about the human light body for two decades. His ongoing mission is to help others fulfil their full creative and spiritual potential and live creative meaningful, soul-guided lives.

Matthew has a MA degree in Psychology focused on Depth Psychology and Shamanic Counseling and an MFA in Creative Writing. He founded and led a visual and performing arts school for students aged 12-18 for 24 years before his retirement in 2022. He also completed a seven-year spiritual study course through the international Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. He has studied with several nondual, shamanic, and druidic teachers, including Peter Fenner, Carla Meeske, Philip Carr-Gom, and H.E. Garchen Rinpoche. Today, Matthew volunteers most of his time to spiritual teaching and the ongoing development and leadership of the Institute for Nondual-Shamanism (NDS), which he founded in 2018. He regularly teaches online workshops to students, occasionally gives talks and attends conferences, and works individually with members of NDS