Mira Khanya

Mira Khanya’s deep commitment as a Movement Medicine teacher is to create ceremonial dance spaces where we can begin to heal the wounds of disconnection from a culture of separation and polarisation. Spaces to gather in community, bring our intentions and dance deeply as we resource ourselves. Journeys to connect us to our life force energy, opening us to connect to the vast reservoir of life’s intelligence. Moving meditations in which we may open our hearts a little wider and be touched by the vibration of compassion – compassion for ourselves, each other, our planet and the interconnected community of life on earth.

At this time of Samhain we dance to honour the transition into winter and to give thanks for the harvest we received. We dance across the Arc of Time – honouring our ancestors and receiving the torch of life to illuminate the road ahead as we navigate the darker, colder months ahead. Connecting to what truly matters and dancing for the love of life.