Orla Hladky

I will share how vital it is in this day in age to act radically. My experience as an activist in the fight against High-speed rail has opened my eyes, heart, and mind in what we truly must prioritize as humans – our earth, Gaia, and how we must confront our habits and true existence as of now and from the past in order to create a habitable and foreseeable future. Activism in its interconnectedness and alternative living/thinking/being has showed me a path I couldn’t have expected and yet despite the destruction and devastation we witness fighting corporate industries, I will share what has inspired me to remain hopeful in this experience. I plan to hold a space while gathering to invite those to reflect on what we know as radical action and how we can inspire ourselves to join to continue creating change.

Orla Hladky is an alternative activist. Orla will be joined by a number of friends on the campaign to stop HS2 who are currently living on the protest sites.