Orla, Rowan, Eden and Vandita

Existing Alternatively

A look {discussion and workshop} into the importance of leading an alternative life and allowing it to be accessible to all people from different walks of life.

One of many solutions, an introduction to breaking away from the typicalities.

Free ourselves from the shackles of the system in place today. We cannot do it alone, must be collective. Ridding ourselves of what is normally expected of us. To pursue an existence that values life and sees all as part of synchronistic/symbiotic meaning. Un/relearning how we affect, and can so simply give rather than take, from the Earth as well as everyone/thing else. We play a vital role in the natural system yet in the way humans have existed only so lately we have manipulated that system into an unnatural and profit-driven way that lacks harmony and holisticity. Yet the holistic is still in us all, as it is all life forms. It is up to us to be part of solving and healing the world and planet itself. We are tired of the continuing problems in our world today. The issues don’t get solved, only exacerbated, because there are not enough people who know of solutions, let alone empowerment and inspiration, to act. Here is a chance to embrace a positive solutions-based workshop on EXISTING ALTERNATIVELY.

An open interactive discussion-based workshop where we offer our feelings, ideas and experiences with the help of whoever joins us in the workshop.  We will flow freely into a deepening outline of how to guide the space, and then will allow it to move as it goes…

Orla and Rowan are free flow~ers, environmental and social activists who choose to spread the seeds of change in an alternative existence.

Loz, Eden and Vandita will also be helping to hold this session.