Paul Taylor

Our Humanity From Birth To Death

This describes how we descend down the embryo on the line of the spine through the Vagus nerve. The participants will be practicing Breathing techniques in order to resonate and expand the individual’s own chakra system, discovering your core centre. Then you will ascend through the time line of our seven year cycles of life, marking the three 28 years Saturn cycles, with the completion of the Uranus cycle at 84 years old. You will work on the individual time lines.

The descent and the ascent into life.

Dynamic Trauma And Anger Release Exercises

You will work on a cellular level, dealing with the trauma memories and the inter-generational trauma inherited through our ancestral DNA. Through the body work of breath and movement, you will start releasing the inherited traumas.

You will be using sounds to initiate anger release so its no longer supressed within your bodies. It is about converting Anger to it’s opposite Peace. The alchemy of cellular release with movement and breath.

Co-dependency, Moving Towards Interdependent Relationships

You will explore the nature of parent/child relationships, moving towards adult/adult connections. Relationships of balance and equality. Co-dependent relationships can lead to victim/rescuer/persecutor behaviours. You will examine negative and positive feelings towards your parents.


I am a 76 years old teacher and elder in our community and have been working in my Yoga Therapy Practice in London since 1980s. The emphasis has been about relationships, the difference between a co-dependent child/adult connection and moving clients towards interdependent adult/adult process. Co-dependent relationships in adults do not function. I also offer Trauma, anger and experiential breath release work. We all carry patterns of parental conditioning within our ancestral DNA. When we have relationships with others, there are 6 people we are relating to; the couple, own parents and that of our partner. Beyond this conditioning, we ask `Who am I `. In the 1980s living in India, the core of my practice became based on Yoga Therapy and what it is to be spiritually human. Also discovering a balance between the masculine and feminine psyche, moving towards relationships of equality. I teach an understanding of the descent into life through Vagus nerve at birth and then our ascent through 7 years cycle patterns of becoming human in life. Then moving through these cycles towards a conscious death. A full life is 84 years Uranus cycle or 3 Saturn cycles of 28 years each, all subdivisions of 7. I look forward to celebrating with Wider Horizons and share my accumulation of insights acquired over many years.