Paul Terrell

The Meaning of Adulthood

In this workshop we will, together, search for the qualities and attributes that define authentic adulthood.

The Meaning of Adulthood

The vacuum left by the disappearance of effective initiation into adulthood has been filled by an endless state of adolescence, neither child nor adult, leaving our entire culture lacking a real sense of connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky. This tragedy that threatens life on earth can be diverted because true, spiritual and human adulthood, endows humans with their responsibility to act as stewards of the planet.

In this 90-minute workshop we will explore and share what each of us has learnt about being adult from our culture and from our own explorations. Paul will share insights from research into the initiation rituals of shamanic tribes and the benefits we can gain from returning to tribal living. The workshop will finish with the group drawing their vision of a world stewarded by adults and a ritual to empower the vision.

Paul Terrell

Paul Terrell is a healer, therapist, coach, musician and workshop leader with more than 40 year’s experience and recently a television producer. Paul has worked as a shamanic therapist for more than thirty years. A central theme of his work has been the essential ritual of Initiation into Adulthood that has been lost to the western world for centuries.

Paul is the founder of Inversion Therapy, co-founder of Spirit Fest and Spirit Fest Television.