Paul Terrell

Paul Terrell is an international healer, therapist, coach, musician and workshop leader with more than 40 years experience and recently a television producer. He founded The School of Inversion Therapy in 1994, co-founded The Overtone Choir with Ravi in 1997, and also together founded Spirit Fest UK in 2015 and Spirit Fest Television in 2019.


These ancient, fast track, techniques have long been kept secret for good reasons. There are teachers now sharing the work and foundations translating the old texts to make the knowledge available to us. In this workshop Paul will share a generic technique that can be used for multiple purposes such as self healing, healing others, protecting yourself and your property and manifestation. The base technique is designed to crash the judging and choosing habit of the brain so that pure seeing can be accessed. In this state intentions for moving energy can be activated.

See a film made during some training I did with a group in Bali twenty years ago below.