Rita Hraiz

Learn techniques to help you get aligned, connected, clear and motivated. Anxiety is more prevalent than ever as the traditional paths which used to lead to a life of security – job, home and community – no longer exist. This workshop will give you practical tools to clear blockages that lead to anxiety, unworthiness and holding yourself small – all are welcome!
This will be a powerful realignment to the source of your creativity. The use of opiates is fast becoming a crisis in this country. Pharmaceutical painkillers are
being taken to cope with exams and the stresses of modern life. Political and environmental issues can create a feeling of hopeless in the young for the mistakes they have inherited from the older generations. Their voices, unheard by politicians sitting in the ivory tower of Westminster, by the distant elite and corporations who are doing very little to deal with climate change, need to be listened to. Drugs are often a plaster used to cover over and avoid worries, thus creating much bigger problems later on in life. These techniques, which should be taught in schools, but aren’t, can help to ensure a sense of wellbeing, self-confidence and self-awareness.

Rita Hraiz, Shamanic Wisdom Keeper and Teacher of Ageless Wisdom is a ceremony holder, ethical clothes designer and visionary artist. She has held retreats and courses around the world to reconnect people to themselves and the divine. Born of Eastern parents and brought up in the West, Rita had made it her life’s work to transcend the divides our societies impose. When Rita was eleven years old she discovered a book about Tibetan Buddhism at the Catholic girl’s school she attended and this changed the course of her life. It awoke in her a deep knowledge of past life experiences in Tibet, and a lifelong love of esoteric teachings. Rita uses her shamanic work and knowledge of teachings gained over the last thirty years to support people in making a pilgrimage back to themselves, to put their roots deep into the earth, make strong community connections and find their place in the world, self-worth and connection
to source.

“I moved my young family from London to Glastonbury twenty-five years ago. I have four mixed raced children. I wanted to give them a future away from drug culture but I soon realised that drugs are everywhere. The work I have done in my community over the years means I have seen the pain caused to so many people by losing their way with drugs.”