Rohan White

I have spent my life seeking for truth and a spiritual way free from politics, dogma and materialism. I lived for many years on the land, to deepen my connection with nature and played my part in the counter culture of Britain. In my personal practice I have been working with the Underworld, Faery and Qabbalistic practices of the Western Spiritual Tradition for over 20 years.

The Green Path
Tuning into the world of nature is an inane ability which we all have.

To walk the Green Path is to set foot upon the Merry Way which leads us to a deeper understanding of beauty and all the joys and sorrows which follow as we enrich our awareness of the earth. Connecting with our place in the cosmos we find ourselves ‘between Heavan and Earth’ through an awareness of this we will experience our body as a microcosm of the Earth, Moon, Sun and Stars. Come and we will seek sanctuary within the mantle of living green.

We will approach the spirits of the land and seek to make contact with them through traditional folkloric practices.

The Green Path is an ongoing practice, please stay in touch through Wider Horizons page.