Project Description

Rohan White – Musician, Fire Keeper, Ceremonial Facilitator

I have spent my life seeking for truth and a spiritual way free from politics, dogma and materialism. I lived for many years on the land, to deepen my connection with nature and played my part in the counter culture of Britain. In my personal practice I have been working with the Underworld, faery and Qabbalistic practices of the western spiritual tradition for over 20 years. As a ceremonial facilitator, I lead dogma free rituals to connect with the spiritual energies of the directions, the sacred land, the ocean of stars and the awareness of that 7th direction “within”.  These practices are linked with elemental chanting to facilitate a deep and accessible connection to Earth and cosmic forces which is free of any belief system.



Connecting to Nature we find not only awareness of our deeper feelings but also an ability to find the beauty within each moment. Our ancestors before the onset of our Romanised Civilization had an instinctive connection with nature. As modern humans we can find ways to rebuild community through participating in the cycles of the natural world.