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Rory Spowers

Rory Spowers, Founder and Editor of The Re-Generation, is a writer, campaigner and event curator, specialising in systems change and consciousness issues. His books include A Year in Green Tea and Tuk Tuks, covering the creation of Samakanda, an ecological learning centre in south Sri Lanka, and Rising Tides, a history of ecological thought, critically acclaimed by the UK Sunday Times, The Observer and a variety of magazines. Most recently, Rory was a Writer on Bruce Parry’s 2017 feature documentary Tawai, and since 2015 has been Creative Director of the Tyringham Initiative, a world-class think-tank for new paradigm projects and consciousness studies. Rory launched The Re-Generation in 2019, a new educational media and events platform, highlighting people and projects working for systemic change and regenerative culture.

Rory’s recent essay: Is the virus our vaccine?

Audio file of essay: Is the virus our vaccine? [Audio]

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A workshop around¬†‚ÄėSix Spheres of Regeneration’ – Food, Health, Economics, Community, Culture and Consciousness –¬†exploring ways in which we can all¬†reclaim as much¬†power as possible over¬†our essential human needs, to maximise resilience and¬†self-reliance within our communities. Areas covered¬†include urban agriculture,¬†permaculture, micro-energy grids,¬†immune-boosting¬†techniques, local trade¬†mechanisms, digital discernment, appropriate¬†technologies and analogue¬†activities for reconnection to¬†nature and community.