Saiorse Cassingham-Tourell

Saiorse Cassingham-Tourell


Saiorse is a lover of the earth, of music and creativity

Carrying songs and prayers from many different cultures and lands

Her voice brings an energy of calm and deep relaxation – sensitive and clear – an invitation to connect with yourself and the beauty of the natural world.

Saiorse and Meg Live Performance 

This will be a carefully woven tapestry’s of sounds with Saiorse’s ambient warm vocals and Megan’s rich heartfelt tones. We will share our own songs and support each other with harmonies. We will sing medicine songs that everyone can join in with, mantra also. People will be welcomed to dance as they please :)

Singing Circle around the fire

An open space for sharing music with the community, share any song that brings goodness to the space, in whichever form that takes. We will share songs originating from many places around the world, all of which will be shared with the intention of experiencing the wonders of life, encouraging contemplation and presence with feelings of grief or ecstatic celebration.