Shani Bella

Connection to the Breath 
In this workshop you’ll be connecting to yourself, your fears, your desires and to the wisdom you hold inside your body. Through tuning into your breath, you will be invited to listen to the whispers of your heart and find connection with other hearts creating a safe space for you to open, share and harmonize. It’s a perfect way to open this gathering to drop any fear and connect with yourself and others. This is an interactive, playful but profound workshop where you get to truly be authentically you!
Hi! My name is Shani- it means scarlet thread, or the woven theme of a story. Like the red thread, I use my magic to weave people together in community and bring them home to the remembrance of who they truly are.
I am a Spiritual Guide, Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Ancestral Healer and teacher. I use the power of Rebirthing Breathwork- a form of conscious connected breathing, ancestral healing and spiritual navigation to support you in this journey. I also run women’s circles, Cacao Ceremonies and breathing circles each month to provide a sacred safe space for healing and conscious community. AHO!