Project Description

Shani Bella

Breath of Connection

Explore the power of connection to yourself and others through this embodied guided workshop.

We come into this world and take our first breath. We leave this world and take our last breath. And in between, we forget to breathe.

True story. So many of us are holding onto our breath. Forgetting to deeply connect to the most beautiful and profound tool we have in our cosmic kit! And guess what… once we learn how use it properly, it’s totally FREE! When we are able to connect back with the heart, we can open up to our own innate wisdom and find intimate connection with others and deepen our love for life. 


Shani means scarlet thread, or the woven theme of a story. Like the red thread, I use my magic to weave people together in community and bring them home to the remembrance of who they truly are. I believe your awakening is your evolution and your invitation to remember the divine truth of who you are. I am here to remind you of how powerful you truly are and guide you as you awaken & integrate your masculine & feminine energy to reclaim your DIVINE TRUTH and walk in your highest mission! I support men and women on their spiritual awakening path who desire to feel safe as they awaken their masculine and feminine essence and step into their power and leadership by integrating the High Feminine and Masculine energy for sacred union, harmony and aligned balance. If you are anywhere on your path to spiritual awakening- whether you are just discovering yourself on your spiritual path or whether you have been on this journey for quite some time, Shani guides you back home to the truth of who you are so you can embody your full body HEAVEN YES! 

I am a Spiritual Guide, Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator, Ancestral Healer and teacher. I use the power of Rebirthing Breathwork- a form of conscious connected breathing, ancestral healing and spiritual navigation to support you in this journey. I also run women’s circles, Cacao Ceremonies and breathing circles each month to provide a sacred safe space for healing and conscious community. AHO!