Shaun Higgins

What is Divine Shamanism?

What is Shamanism? What is Divine Shamanism? How does Divine Shamanism show us how to walk in a good way in this life and transform the world around us? In circle and reflective discussion, we will explore these questions, understanding the relevance of the Divine in our lives and the world we live in now. I will also share my experiences as a student of Shamanism, alongside my time spent in Ecuador living and working with a community in the Amazon.

The Art of Noticing

A spiritual life is grounded in compassion: for ourselves, the world, life and all beings. Yet, there are many forces at work that disconnect us from our heart and our natural, loving sense of the interconnectedness between all things. “Sit Spotting” is the old art of quietly sitting, being and noticing in nature. The natural world is one of our greatest teachers. When we spend time alone in its immediate company and awaken to the living moment, we are able to reconnect with all life, our compassion and our own true nature. Come and discover this simple but powerful practice that you can take into your own lives and also share with others. This will be a good workshop for anyone who values meditation but has found it difficult to sit and be present indoors. In this experience, you will be held and guided by Nature itself.


Hi there. My name is Shaun and I have been working with young people and adults for over 25 years: holding circles, workshops, trainings and discussions exploring self-growth and personal development. I have been training with the elder shaman Kurikindi for the past four years, and have lived and worked in community amongst the forest people of Ecuador, learning from their friendship, culture and wisdom, as well as from the Amazon rainforest itself. I am committed to enabling all original people to hold sovereignty over their lands, culture and wisdom, and play their crucial part in healing both people and planet for the sake of all life and all our futures. I am also a life coach and will be able to offer some coaching sessions during Wider Horizons.