Sivani Mata

Kirtan – Music as Medicine

Kirtan is a deep dive into the heart through co-created song. It is a conversation with that inner place in each one of us that is ever unified with everything in creation; it is a practice of communion with all that is. In our gathered community we mainly sing together in the ancient powerful language of Sanskrit. Each Kirtan repeats simple mantras which invoke a trance-like state within, as well as evoking the spirit of Bhakti: the mood of love. Everyone in this space is invited to add their voice, and in doing so contribute their special spice to flavour the collective soup we brew together. All are invited to be at home here to express the truth of themselves, through these songs of freedom. We co-create healing sounds, music as medicine, kindling the process of transformation which can move through us as ecstatic or cathartic dancing, sweet tears, deep peaceful stillness, the warmth of an inner joy, or other expressions.

All are welcome, no experience necessary.

Length: 1hr minimum, 1hr 30min maximum

Flexible with when it is and space it is in

As many people welcome as fit

Offering 2:

Yoni Shakti: Women’s Yoga Circle

Come and share in this gathering of to connect and embrace our Shakti ~ innate feminine power. Yoni Shakti Yoga is a way of practising yoga that honours our ever-changing moods, cycles and rhythms. Bringing who we are today, right now, and moving, exploring from a place of awareness of that knowledge of what is present for us today. In our circle we will experience gentle juicy yoga asana (stretches) and mudra (hand gestures) that honours our divine Shakti, and immerse in Total Yoga Nidra – profound relaxation in a lying down meditation that is the fertile soil for the flowers of our inner wisdom to blossom. This circle is a space to pause, rest and connect to what your body needs, moving from that place; and honouring power in the source of our being.

Maha Shakti ki JAI! – All Power to the Great Deep Feminine Energy!

Length: 1hr 30min minimum, preferable 2hrs or 2hr30min if possible

Think it would be a nice afternoon offering or late morning

Preferably in a cosy space, not really large space

Can offer this for a large group, but prefer smaller groups for the Womens work (15-20 women), however, I have shared in groups of 50, which is possible, I am flexible and will adapt with whoever joins

Sivani Mata bio:

Sivani Mata is an artist who is moved by a sensory and elemental exploration of life through practice that evokes the liminal experience of trance-like states of consciousness, and the centring of the awareness in heart as the seat of truth within. She believes in this process of deep inner work as a way to cultivate a harmonic relationship with the Earth, and feels that these practices path the way to building the relationship of self love and acceptance which is the foundation to a healing loving relationship with the land. Sivani Mata is a student of bhakti yoga (the path of love), and shares  Kirtan (music as medicine using healing mantra), Women’s Circles and Yoga Nidra amongst other things. Sivani Mata is grateful for this journey she finds herself on and the practices that support her path.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
“May All the Beings in All the worlds be Happy and at Peace”
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Online course: Yoni Shakti: Well Woman Yoga Therapy Immersion