Somesh De Swardt

Rhythm is Life; Drumming Circle

High energy rhythmical playing experience facilitated by Somesh De Swardt

“The Great Spirit loved the drum so much, he gave everyone a heartbeat.”
— Navajo saying

We are incubated in rhythm, held in the concert hall of our mother’s womb. The drum is like us — a skin stretched over a shell. Through drumming, we connect with the elements of nature, invite creativity, sacredness, and meaning into our lives. This is the lineage of rhythm. And, before entertainment and performance, drumming had a primary function for healing, community, ceremony, and prayer.
Uplifting, completely interactive rhythm and drumming experience. Featuring group drumming, fun facilitation, free style playing, high energy drumming rhythms. Bring any instrument that makes a sound, drum, percussion, flute, all ages and all abilities
welcome! Facilitated by Somesh De Swardt


Somesh was born in South Africa and started drumming at the local Greenside Drum Cafe. He carried on learning from various teachers in Johannesburg like Munki Mcapayi (now based in Canada) and Cape Town before relocating to London in 1997.
Somesh started teaching drumming and running his own drum circles after taking part in a Drum Circle Facilitation course by Arthur Hull the Drum Circle Guru. Somesh was so inspired by the power of the drum and travelled to Hawaii in 2001 to take Advanced Facilitation Training with Arthur Hull.

Somesh founded the company Drum Jam in 2001 and went on to facilitate thousands of groups from nursery kids to a 1000 corporate executives and performing in front of 8000 people in Barcelona. Somesh has also been featured in a number of news articles and
on TV like BBC.

Somesh has travelled to the West African Countries of Guinnea, Senegal, Ghana & Gambia to find the true teachings from the authentic African master drummers. He has studied with Mamady Keita (Guinnea), Yaw Asumadu (Ghana), Sekou Keita (Guinnea), Nansady Keita (Guinnea) and a number of other fantastic West African drummers.

Somesh has a passion for teaching drumming to beginners and spreading the message of the drum through connection and inspiration in a fun and accessible way.