Sophie Docker

Nonviolent Communication for Liberation 🕊️

Sophie will be offering two workshops at the gathering.

  1.  Nonviolent Communication, NVC, offers a consciousness and practical, doable ways of communicating that get beyond polarisations, black and white, right and wrong thinking and being to make space for an emergent, living, interconnected experience of life.
  • Experience yourself and others as essential to life
  • Get beyond blame and step into freedom, power and choicefulness
  • Connect to yourself, others and the humanity we share
  • Find and use your authentic voice and your boundaries
  • Recieve yourself, others and life with warmth, openness and compassion
  • Grow the muscles to live in the world your heart knows is possible!

2. A Restorative Approach to Conflict

How to collaborate through conflict and find the gold.

Conflict is uncomfortable and often violent and painful AND what is the gold it is bringing!?

Historically we see disputes as a competitive struggle to be won by one side, in this way of engaging its about winners and losers, right and wrong.

A restorative approach offers another way through conflict, a way of sharing power and giving everyone a voice, connecting across our differences and finding a way forward together. So it is no longer either your way or my way, how it is for you and how it is for me are essential ingredients for us to reconnect and find a way forward together.

In this workshop we will touch on the principles and practice of a restorative approach that you can use straight away in all your relationships.

Sophie works with Nonviolent Communication and Restorative practices in schools, organisations, campaigns, communities and the justice system.  She is passionate about the road map NVC offers to walk towards a collaborative power-sharing world, through dropping into deeper awareness and restoring connectivity to the flow of life. Sophie works with OpenEdge, a charity working in UK and Sri Lanka engaging with conflict, difference, identity, decolonizing, power and privilege and with The Restorative Engagement Forum, working with NVC, conflict and Restorative Practices in organisations.  /