Sophie Docker

Sophie works with Nonviolent Communication and Restorative practices in schools, organisations, campaigns, communities and the justice system.  She is passionate about the road map NVC offers to walk towards a collaborative power-sharing world, through dropping into deeper awareness and restoring connectivity to the flow of life. Sophie works with OpenEdge, a charity working in UK and Sri Lanka engaging with conflict, difference, identity, decolonizing, power and privilege and with The Restorative Engagement Forum, working with NVC, conflict and Restorative Practices in organisations.


Your experience is essential to life.

Conflict is a way for us to connect.

My wellbeing and yours are interdependent.

Somehow on our journey of being human we seem to have become disconnected from ourselves, each other and our environment.  Sophie presents the tools offered in Nonviolent Communication and a road map towards interdependence and reconnecting to the complex adaptive living system we are part of.

Moving beyond separating ideas of good and bad and right and wrong to restoring the flow of life, energy and information through relationship, communication and organisational systems we can make space for multiple experiences of life to thrive.

    • Understand the needs based consciousness that underpins Nonviolent Communication

    • Move self sufficiency towards interdependence

    • Connect across difference and find common ground

    • Build power sharing relationships beyond blame and polarisation

    • Increase personal and collective responsibility, choice, power and freedom

    • Connect to your experience as essential to life