Project Description

Sophie Docker

Sophie works with Nonviolent Communication and Restorative practices in schools, organisations, campaigns, communities and the justice system.  She is passionate about the road map NVC offers to walk towards a collaborative power-sharing world, through dropping into deeper awareness and restoring connectivity to the flow of life. Sophie works with OpenEdge, a charity working in UK and Sri Lanka engaging with conflict, difference, identity, decolonizing, power and privilege and with The Restorative Engagement Forum, working with NVC, conflict and Restorative Practices in organisations.


  • Understanding and confidence to apply Nonviolent Communication skills and capacities
  • Tools to express yourself with conviction and authenticity
  • Ability to receive others fully, and with empathy, even when you disagree
  • Skills to navigate challenges, conflict and difficult conversations
  • Alternatives to taking things personally and the ‘blame game’
  • An awareness that supports effective collaboration and deeper connections

Transforming conflict

Your experience is essential to life

Conflict is a way for us to connect

My wellbeing and yours are interdependent

The traditionally we see disagreement or conflict as a competitive struggle to be won by one side…. Join Sophie to look at it differently and develop the tools and awareness to engage with conflict as a tool for transformation and personal and collective liberation.

  • Develop tools to move beyond the blame game
  • Enhance your collaboration skills
  • Move beyond polarisation
  • Understand difference as enriching rather than threatening
  • Build capacity for engaging with conflict and discomfort
  • Explore personal and structural power
  • Put on your systemic goggles and look at how engaging with conflict contributes to system change!