Su Hart

🦜 Singing in Unity

Su is a singer and choir leader based in Bath who has taught and performed with “Baka Beyond” globally.  She has an inclusive & infectious style holding the singing with humour and depth, creating a sense of ease and unity. 

She writes songs and collects and teaches songs from different cultures and traditions from around the world. She draws on her time over 25years of visits to sing with the Baka Hunter gatherers of the Cameroon rainforest.  The Baka are thought to be the first humans to sing. Their singing builds community, heals illness and argument, soothes babies and enchants the animals ensuring luck in the hunt.

This beautiful interlocking of sound have informed Su’s teaching and singing,

The aim is always to have great fun, to bring active listening, harmony and confidence. 

We Meld the sound,

Making the sound of us together, Mends us.