Teresa Gabriel

Teresa Gabriel is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, teacher, sound healer, workshop and retreat facilitator and sacred healing ceremony musician who sees the voice and sound as a shamanic tool for opening and empowering ourselves, and connect with our souls and with the Source to reawaken our intuition, trust and express our spontaneity and creativity to live in a more authentic way.
Fusing knowledge coming from Yoga, Shamanism and Meditation, she brings a unique vision to exploring and discovering the medicine of the voice, with a deep but playful approach to music, creativity and healing.
With 3 official albums, concerts in events and festivals in Portugal, Spain, U.K., Holland, Hungary and Italy and many  collaborations in the fields of music, sound, dance, music therapy and alternative education, she shares a path of study, research and experience, singing, healing and inspiring as if each melody is a prayer.
Dreams, visions, timelessness, power, sensitivity, an inventive approach to the guitar, songs as emotional journeys and prayers for the soul and spirit.
Besides the attraction towards ancestral and universal sonorities, there is a search for meditative moments and the intention to share messages of social and environmental awareness and spiritual awakening.
Chronology of body of work in the last 20 years: http://teresagabriel.pt/about/#4
Official web site: