Sacred in Action

It is through this connection to our true essence that we can feel alive, joyful and inspired and a call to share this with others.

We will tune in to enquire – What do I long for and lights me up? What do I need to do to step forward with inspiration and courage? How do I resource myself and bring balance to my life? Together we can tap into our true essence beyond the ego and develop our heart so that we can face challenges with grace and courage.


Vandita has been a campaigner for environmental and social justice since she joined Survival International aged 15. She spent her 20s and early 30s engaged in grassroots activism in South America as well as immigration detention centres in the UK. Even though she achieved success through her humanitarian and campaign work, she struggled throughout her 20s with so called “mental health” issues and her deeper yearning for connection and meaning was unmet.

In her early 30s she met Amma in India and had a life transforming, heart opening experience where her mind dissolved and realised her true essence as Love. She spent 6 years in India with Amma in service to thousands of Indian people across the country, becoming love in action and healing years of trauma.

This then led her to Glastonbury where she became part of the Bhakti community and immersed herself in Kirtan and trained to hold pujas and ceremonies. She moved to Forest Row in 2018 and has been in the process of fusing her profound spiritual experience with her call to serve in the world.

She has more recently been involved in environmental activism once more, this time acting from a place of oneness and connection to Great Spirit to be able to move beyond division and achieve the impossible from a place of non-duality.

By fusing the sacred with action we can create a new and wholesome way to be in these times and an inspiring way to serve truth and justice from a place of connection and non-duality to achieve our dreams.

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