Sacred Activist

Together, we will sink into a deeper place through our connection to the Earth, ourselves and each other – tuning in through meditation, chanting and enquiry to hear our hearts call and tap into the wisdom that will support us to face change with grace and courage.
What does my heart long for and lights me up? What do I believe in and want to change? What do I need to do to step forward with inspiration and courage? How do I resource myself and bring balance to my life?
We will build on the exploration of the previous days workshop as we start to spiral back out, into the world, reconnecting to ourselves and sense of purpose and finding our next steps to live with authenticity, grace and courage.
We can all bring light and love to this world and create ripples of change with all actions great and small.


Vandita has been a campaigner for environmental and social justice since she joined Survival International aged 15. She went on to study Law, specialising in Human Rights and Environmental Justice. Despite personal struggles at this time, she realised her childhood dream and went to South America aged 24 which opened her eyes to huge injustice against people and their land. She set up the Colombia
Solidarity Campaign and went on to take BP to court for environmental damage.
Despite a positive outcome, she felt disillusioned with the legal system and her soul called for her to explore this on a deeper level.
Time in India led her to Amma and a deeply transformative time that opened her heart and brought deep healing. Emerging from this experience led her, over time, to fuse her activist nature with her spiritual experience to be able to make a difference in a more wholesome, connected and magical way. Since then she has returned to the Amazon to work with tribes on the frontline of oil development and recently initiated a legal case against HS2 and Natural England to protect ancient woodland and endangered species which is currently at the Court of Appeal.

Vandita continues on her healing path and takes care to resource herself and keep connected in order to meet the challenges she is faced with. She is called to support and inspire others on their path, to grow and heal and meet challenges with grace and courage.

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