Viviane Maia

With a background in Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Vivi teaches Meridian based, Kundalini, Hatha yoga and Pranayama to children, teens and adults in mental health hospitals across London.

In a world where our habits are of externalising, Vivi will bring your attention back to the vast within. With posture and breath work she will guide you to the yin aspect of your nature; to the shady side of the hill where lurks all of your subconscious conditioning, and re-program your ability to perceive and generate new useful patterns of behaviour.


“Moving with the Five Elements” is a workshop that will activate your Qi to move and the body’s ability to self-heal. Deep knowledge of meridians, moving asanas and breath work will all be included in the class and you will be guided to move towards a state of physiological equilibrium and profound calm.

You will leave the class feeling deeply nourished, relaxed and motivated to self-initiate in your own personal practice.