Project Description

Zak Avery

Event Organiser, Festival Curator, Conscious Being

Workshop – Channelling Prana and Controlling the Mind

The Primary navigator of our ship is our thoughts, and one of the most valuable gifts we can acquire is the ability to channel our thoughts with positive intention, and observe and understand how the brain works, and how to trick it into remaining positive regardless of the situational outcome. A combination of perception, but also some simple, easy to implement activities in our day to day routine can ensure life flows seamlessly. From morning pages to journalling to basic breathwork, rituals around the planetary motions and open heartfelt connection to our inner child, there are surefire ways to ensure you grasp the human brain and spirit, and ensure you continue in life on a profound positive trajectory.

“Every day, after you wake up and before you do anything else, write three pages, longhand. Start writing and don’t stop until you get to the end of page three. Don’t slow down, don’t self-edit, and don’t think about how bad or even good this writing might be. It’s not for anyone’s eyes but your own, and the only requirement is that you be as honest and unfiltered and unfettered and free as you can, and, most importantly, keep the pen moving. Get out of the way. Go.” Julia Cameron, in her book The Artist’s Way