Project Description

Sacred Singing Circle

Wider Horizons Sacred Singing Circle 🦜 

You are warmly invited to join the Sacred Singing Circle to sing in sacred space we create together as an offering for our ancestors, the directions and the elements, and to make prayers and send healing under the blue moOn to where it is needed. 🌕

The circle will be held by George Barker, Moshe Halperin and Ben Ben Ji. Please tune your instruments, get out your rattles and play and sing along at home!

“We sing devotional songs from the sacred religious and indigenous wisdom traditions of the world.  In singing these songs you can use your voice, sound and breathing to bring healing to yourself and the world around you.” George

We are thrilled to announce our mellifluous musicians  🌅  Please click the links to find out more about each artist:

Arnaldo & Andressa, Fantuzzi, Ravi Ji,  Chris Park,  Sivani Mata, Aleh Ferreira, Adrian Freedman, Scott & Maria,George Barker and Moshe Halperin and Ben Ben Ji Charlie Roscoe,  Joshu, Lydia Baksh, Vandita,  Charlotte Mabon, Hannah Rebecca, Sacred Heart Collective, Sunny Davidson, Rohan White, Martyn Phillips and Ben Ben Ji