Sacred Singing Circle

Wider Horizons Sacred Singing Circle. Singing in the sacred space we create together, as an offering, giving thanks and celebrating the Spring, balance, new beginnings and growth, and making prayers and sending healing where it is needed.

Geo & Ben Ben

THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS - Discover a profound process to support you in facing the crises of our time.

Hannah Burt

'MAKE AND TAKE' DREAM CATCHERS - Creating your very own dream catchers, using natural materials to help capture bad dreams and transcend them into the ether.

Gursharan Kaur

ASHTANGA FLOW YOGA - Join Sharan to participate in a set sequence of asanas, to develop mindful breathing, endurance, flexibility and strength in a dynamic process

Liv Aires

INVOKE YOUR WILD WOMAN - A workshop to bring forth and connect with your wild woman

Loz & Miranda

COLLECTIVE ACTION FOR OUR WORLD - Gather to connect to our collective humanity, call for peace and justice and gain access to the forces of collective action.

Carolyn Wade

STAY CALM AND BREATHE ON Get ready to level up your BREATH game in this workshop! We're diving into the fascinating world of your breathing patterns, comparing the daytime vibes to those nocturnal rhythms.

Jonny O’Donnell

LIVE MUSIC FROM CONTEMPLATION TO CELEBRATION - go deep in the stillness of the heart and dance together in joy EMBODIED NESTING - Come and nest with us in this individual and/or shared somatic exploration, as we explore how it might be to soften into the moment, ourselves, each other…

Laura Wilcock

CELTIC SINGING CIRCLE - Learn songs to build connection and harmony. WILLOW WEAVING - learn to work with local withies

Benny & Benji

PLAYFIGHT - bringing a sense of playfulness, competition, and connection, offering profound insights into ourselves and those around us.


SANATANA DHARMA - a blueprint for Life shared by the ancient Rishis of India which is still applicable today. These principles are like keys that unlock doors and are also practised by indigenous cultures who are still in touch with their ancient ways.

Paul Taylor

OUR HUMANITY FROM BIRTH TO DEATH This describes how we descend down the embryo on the line of the spine through the Vagus nerve. The participants will be practicing Breathing techniques in order to resonate and expand the individual's own chakra system, discovering your core centre.

Erika Tourell

INTIMATE CONNECTIONS Join Erika to learn and practice together the relational skills that enable deeper, authentic connection.

Ravi Freeman

CONCERT/VOICE AND OVERTONE WORKSHOP - A high energy and transformational experience of devotional singing with songs & chants from around the world

Kristina Evans

CACAO CEREMONY - An opportunity to strengthen our connection with Nature's intelligence, held by the exquisite medicine of Cacao.


INTI WAWACUNA - WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE SUN A sacred celebration event uniting the children of the sun to remember and to honour the return of the light, and the importance of the sun energy for all good of humanity and Pachamama.