Tom Morley

DRUMMING WORKSHOP Preparation for full moon drumming and dancing around the fire

Ben Gross

Sacred Singing Circle & The Work That Reconnects" - Discover and experience your innate connection with others and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action.

Jud Relf

JUST FOR FUN A wide variety of games, playing as individuals, pairs, teams and as a whole group.

Mark Mabon

MUSES AND URGES exploring how cultures have used trance, dance and other techniques for transformation and illumination, and offering new ways to navigate your wild nature, instinctive urges and creative drives

Rachel May

STORY BASED EXPLORATION OF LIFE How stories shape your life and how you can be the author

Rina Golan

THE PURUSHARTHA - an ancient blueprint for living which forms the foundation of Yoga.

Nick Mulvey

Inside the Songs – A voice for nature: playing the heart strings. Self-Knowledge, Song writing and Ceremony.

Jote Prakash Singh

MEN'S SHARING CIRCLE We will look at 3 main topics: Sex, Money and Power. What is our relationship with these things? Do we have control? How has our relationship changed since we were younger? What do we still wish to improve on in the areas?

Bethany Millgate

YIN YOGA, REACH YOUR EDGE AND SOFTEN, Come and tune into the hidden aspects of yourself with a deep slow meditative and relaxing yin yoga class.

Ben Zaven Crane

THE PSYCHEDELIC RENAISSANCE: RESEARCH AND TRADITION A talk about the origins of the most tested compound in medical science. MOJO FILTER DJ SET Psychedelic dance music incorporating traditional icaros, incantations and melodies from indigenous cultures around the world evoking a heady space for transcendence and self-exploration.

Juliana Tramontana

MANIFESTING A MAGICAL LIFE - Create magic in your life with synchronicities and signs. WAYS OF SEEING - A workshop about the illusion of life we create with our perception of reality.

Emma Jane Shoesmith

SACRED SYMBOL ART - Create your own sacred symbol to charge with a specific intention and use as a tool in your own practice. LIMINAL FLOW - MOVEMENT MEDICINE - The space where dance meets yoga and you meet yourself. ENERGY MEDICINE CIRCLE - Tap into your own energy medicine - Be your own healer.

Sophie Docker

NONVIOLENCE FOR PERSONAL AND COLLECTIVE LIBERATION Join Sophie to develop the tools and awareness to engage with conflict as a tool for transformation and personal and collective liberation.

Nichola Moore

CLARITY BREATHWORK Come and discover the power and magic of your breath in this deep dive into your inner world using a conscious circular breath, which can lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life - masterfully guided by Nichola and set to powerful music.


Mixing the sounds and rhythms of the pacific Colombian ancient cultures and connecting them with the deep and powerful Vedic mantras from India.

Chris Paradox

SOUL REBEL SOUL ADVENTURER PLAYSHOP 90 mins of full power heart-centered comedic poetic melodic inspiration to help you connect with and abide in your true self - the you that eats fear, confusion and self doubt for breakfast!

Viviane Maia

MOVING WITH THE FIVE ELEMENTS Activate your Qi to move and the body’s ability to self heal. You will leave the class feeling deeply nourished, relaxed and motivated to self initiate in your own personal practice.

Teresa Gabriel

With a healing voice and an inventive approach to the guitar, the piano, the charango and the Loop station, Teresa’s concerts are a journey of soul and spirit. You will be taken away in a very deep and beautiful sonic journey, and fly away with haunting harmonies, medicine music and sacred and devotional intentional singing.


HOW CAN WE BECOME THE GIVE BACK GENERATION? Explore how, through the development of your character, humility, generosity and kindness, you can individually, and at a group level, become a Giveback Generation.

Jon Kwan

DHARMA SOUND JOURNEY FOR GROUNDING AND CENTRING Working intuitively, Jon's sound meditations can feature the rattle, breath, voice, chimes, flute, bowls and other instruments to leave you grounded, centred and clear.

Hope Mayhew

FRIENDSHIP SPEED DATING – Expanding the circle. Fancy creating some new connections? Look no further!

Andrew Harvey

SACRED ACTIVISM NOW "I know you know how dire the world situation is but I want to make available to you some simple inner and outer tools that will give your lives joy, passion and meaning and help you ground your activism in the kind of inner strength and wisdom that will make it powerful, joyful and effective in this burning world."

Ben Christie

CONNECTING WITH SPIRIT AND THE DIVINE PLAN FOR YOU This workshop provides practical tools to connect with and follow your own path in life and to observe and feel the reality of the divine, conscious, and responsive Universe.

Ben Rayner

RE-WILDING CONSCIOUSNESS - Simultaneous Awareness and natural movement. A shift in the way we use our awareness that opens the Doors of Perception.

Dr Alex Pardhy M.D.

DISSOLVING SELF SABOTAGE - Go on a journey through your psyche to meet, understand and soothe the part of you that self sabotages, and then install powerful new software to create new habits.

Rita Hraiz

SHAMANIC REALIGNMENT Learn techniques to help you get connected, clear and motivated.

Rory Spowers

BUILDING OUR REGENERATIVE FUTURE - A workshop around ‘Six Spheres of Regeneration' - Food, Health, Economics, Community, Culture and Consciousness - exploring ways in which we can all reclaim as much power as possible over our essential human needs.

Bruce Parry

Q & A ABOUT HIS FILM, TAWAI - An immersive odyssey to explore the different ways that humans relate to nature and how this influences the way we create our societies.

Chris Fitchew

Noah’s Ark Open-Mic on Friday at 9pm & Wonderment presents JOYBOX, The Ultimate Joyous Cabaret on Saturday at 9pm.

Gabriella Rutherford

TRIBAL PEOPLES FOR TOMORROW’S WORLD A celebration of indigenous voices and views. In this interactive workshop, we will explore practices, customs and beliefs from tribal peoples across the globe and consider just how different our society could be if we listened to the people who have inhabited and cared for our planet for millennia.

Juliette Bryant

WINTER IMMUNE SUPPORT - Join Juliette as she shows you simple ways to support positive immune health through the food you eat. This will include ways to keep healthy through the Winter and supporting the gut. 

Professor Marilyn Monk

A HIERARCHY OF CONSCIOUSNESS – FROM ATOM TO COSMOS Marilyn has taken an entirely scientific approach to the study of consciousness in evolution and develops a model that gives belonging and meaning and purpose to everything in existence.

Daniel Drake

the Bardic Arte - potter the path of a very fool and create set pieces to reflect and perfect how we Think, Speak and Act.

Mac Macartney

SOFT POWER - FULL CIRCLE LIVING Who might we reveal ourselves to be if we walked as foxes walk, as owls dream, as robins hunt, and as beavers build?

Thomas Peto

INTERCONNECTION Explore the connections that create our psyche and the interconnection between the inner and outer worlds.

Billie de Melo Wood

CLASSIC YOGA A fully practical application of yoga including a combination of pranayama, mudras, asanas, prayer and meditation that inspire a reconnection to our human experience.

Tom Peto

BEING IN THE FIELD -  An exploration into where we put our awareness and our sovereignty in this action. This exploration is inspired by the study of the psyche, meditation, scientific developments and mysticism.

The Twelve

THE TWELVE A feature length documentary by Le Ciel Foundation that gives a voice to wisdom traditions through the words of twelve Elders.

Dig It Sound System

ECLECTIC MIX OF PARTY TUNES with Dig It Sound System - DigIt Sound System is a collective of four DJs: Danny C, Coco, Matty G and Cazza B. Spinning an eclectic mix of funk, hip-hop, soul, reggae, disco and house since the early 90’s.

Lydia Baksh

Lydia Baksh is a mantric musician & folk singer-songwriter with a distinct, soothing voice that touches the soul. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, and brings forth a “heart melting, healing experience”. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, and brings forth a “heart melting, healing experience”.

Andres Roberts

HOW DO WE GUIDE OUR LIVES WITH NATURE? Through this session we will explore the idea that people have come very far away from the natural patterns of nature, but if we could just reconnect with those natural patterns, life would flow in a much better way.

Rohan White

Magic - The Green Path A talk on our Native Western Folk Traditions and meditations to connect with Nature and our place in the Cosmos, Faery Beings, Animals and the Ancestors.

Mira Khanya

Movement Medicine - an immersive dance meditation to an exquisite live Dj set of spiritually uplifting music

Amy Atkins

MOON CIRCLE A moon inspired workshop about the phases of the moon and how best to synchronise your life with them to harvest the most of its energy.

HS2 – A Call To Action

HS2 – A Call to Action (with Eden, Oral, Loz and friends) - A number of those on the campaign to stop HS2 are involved in the Wider Horizons community and will be joined by others who are currently living on the protest sites to hold an open floor discussion on activism and what we can do to help.

Martyn Phillips

Martyn Pillips is a singer-songwriter, bringing energy and quirky Englishness to a repertoire of songs that largely connected with sacred themes. He plays a number of instruments but, if playing solo rather than with his German-based band, Mpath, will usually be accompanying his voice with acoustic guitar.

Haley Harkin

MUSIC FOR CONNECTION & TRANSFORMATION - Haley is a local to the sweet home of Austin, Texas. She creates music for connection and transformation. Her lyrics express her love for nature, humanity and her desire to make change. With her sultry sounds and sweet words she will surely touch your heart.

Yopi Jay

Sacred-Song Keeper - The songs invoke the sentiment of devotion and dedication to a higher consciousness, of Love and Oneness.

Aleh Ferreira

SACRED SINGING CIRCLE – A PRAYER OF GRATITUDE FOR THIS LIFE UNDER THE SUN. Aleh's musical inspiration comes from the drums and melodies of the “terreiro” (the Umbanda centre) that gave birth to Samba and influenced modern music.

Sifu Matt Gross

SHAOLIN QI GONG - Sifu Matt Gross will be teaching various martial movements focused on developing flexibility, strength and balance. You will also practise meditative breathing exercises to promote the flow of energy in your body (Chi-Gung). 

Vee Owers

DEATH CAFE - A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. 
Talking about death can be taboo, families and friends may avoid the topic. Death Cafe offers the opportunity to explore death in an accessible, respectful and confidential way.

Paul Terrell

TIBETAN TANTRA YOGA WHITE MAGIC Learn a technique that can be used for multiple purposes such as self-healing, healing others, protecting yourself and your property, and manifestation.

Rob Blakemore

Fancy Dress Contest - bring your smiles and wear something fun – a free ticket to the next Wider Horizons event awaits the winner!

Sivani Mata

BHAKTI KIRTAN The yoga of love and devotion. Kirtan anchored in the teachings of Truth, Simplicity and Love.

Kristina Evans

CACAO CEREMONY An opportunity to work with a plant medicine in a safe and held sacred space. Cacao opens the heart and facilitates expansion of awareness in order to move into right relationship with Self.

Sacred Singing Circle

Wider Horizons Sacred Singing Circle. Singing in the sacred space we create together, as an offering, giving thanks and celebrating the Spring, balance, new beginnings and growth, and making prayers and sending healing where it is needed.

Adam Frost

CONSCIOUS DANCE - Move together and include the light and the dark in our world, our lives, our bodies, and celebrate our freedom to move with it all.

Adrian Freedman

SACRED SINGING CIRCLE – A PRAYER OF GRATITUDE FOR THIS LIFE UNDER THE SUN Adrian Freedman is a musician and composer specialising in the Japanese Zen shakuhachi flute. 

Scott Murden

LIVING AN AUTHENTIC LIFE A framework that charts the human experience and the path to an authentic life.

Orla Hladky

RADICAL ACTION - a space while gathering to invite those to reflect on what we know as radical action and how we can inspire ourselves to join to continue creating change.

Lara Cowan

CREATING BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE BY RELATING TO NATURE - How to access natural anti-depressants, create effortlessly using nature as a guide and practice mindful meditation.

Amy Atkins

MOON CIRCLE  A moon inspired workshop about the Capricorn full moon and how best to synchronise your life with it to harvest the most of its energy.

Ellen Kittredge

Saminchakuy - Healing with the Nectars of Nature. Come learn a simple yet powerful sacred exchange with nature that relieves stress, worries, upset, anxiety or any other type of heavy or difficult emotion or experience, bringing one "enlightenment" in all senses of that word!

Lulu Urquhart

ALL WOMEN'S RITE - Honouring of our rights to our rites. Life is, as every day is, a rite of passage and we celebrate and recognise the moments that form us up until now, our pasts and our futures, collectively and to one another.

James Mermagen

TRADITIONAL DRUIDIC SUMMER SOLSTICE CEREMONY on Saturday night from 8-9pm as the sun sets. EGO. THE ULTIMATE RED PILL. A journey down the ultimate rabbit hole: the deeply mysterious path to meet our true selves - the eternal being that lies beyond ego - free of the imposter that so desperately wants to be us.

DJ Dean Carr

DEEP TRIBAL BEATS - everything from uplifting party music to deep techno and tribal house, always keeping the energy on the dancefloor at the forefront.

Jimena Paratcha

SACRED DESPACHO CEREMONY - A Traditional Andean Blessing Ritual. Create a living prayer as a lush offering of gratitude, planting seeds of your dreams.


Latin, Reggae, AfroFunk with a Mystic Twist! An ecstatic, expressing our global spiritual and energetic transformation, Fantuzzi is an Ambassador of Joy and a Global Troubadour.


AGNI HOTRA - SUNSET SPRING EQUINOX FIRE CEREMONY & CHANTING - a fire ritual described in ancient Vēdic scriptures which is performed to spiritually purify the atmosphere and reduce pollution and carried out at Sunrise and Sunset.

Tony Samara

SAMHAIN BLUE MOON SATSANG - Explore and practise meditation together. Tony Samara: Preparing for and Integrating Future Change.

Toby Lewis

THE ULTIMATE MEDITATION - Come and learn how to better contribute your unique gifts and talents with spontaneous creativity, responsiveness and a naturally balanced view using a simple technique.

Dr Steve Taylor PhD

HOW ONENESS LEADS TO GOODNESS: THE SPIRITUAL SOURCE OF KINDNESS AND COMPASSION - How Spiritual Development is intimately connected with altruism and social justice.

Sam Kinch

THE TRUTH ABOUT POWER - A lively and interactive workshop - you will discover new understandings of power and come away ready to start building power in your communities, from scratch.

Geo & Ben Ben

THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS Geo & Ben Ben - Discover a profound process to support you in facing the crises of our time.

Josh Coleman

HEART OPENING SHAMANIC HEALING CEREMONY - A shamanic healing ceremony to heal and open the heart

Ameet Mehta

SENSEMAKING (and COLLECTIVE PRESENCE)   How to learn together to make sense of our world in our post-truth reality?

Scott & Maria

Heart Awakening Music - Transformed by their kundalini energy journey together, Scott & Maria create acoustic music straight from the heart, immersed in soulful harmonies to raise the vibration & heal the heart. They take great inspiration from nature and the human journey. 

Sivani Mata

KIRTAN - MUSIC AS MEDICINE A deep dive into the heart through co-created song plus connect to your innate feminine power through rest and nourishing gentle movement.

Lisa Sturley

CRYSTAL SOUND BATH - After a short guided meditation Lisa will be using the vibration and tones of the quartz Crystal singing bowls to guide you to a place for relaxation healing and going within.

Paul Terell

THE MEANING OF ADULTHOOD - In this workshop we will, together, search for the qualities and attributes that define authentic adulthood.

Sophie Docker

NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION - NVC offers a consciousness and practical, doable ways of communicating that get beyond polarisations, black and white, right and wrong thinking and being to make space for an emergent, living, interconnected experience of life.

Message From The Ravens

MINDFUL GROUP SONG WRITING WORKSHOP - We offer a mindful song writing workshop, guiding you into a meditative state to connect with your sub-conscience in order to release past trauma through the power of music.

Maria Payne Vlahogiannis

BIOENERGY SHAKING YOGA & MEDITATION - Energise your morning with a shake up body activation, Sanskrit mantra prayers and song. Out of mind into body, kundalini activation and the heart's intuition.

Jon Kwan

SOUNDS FOR PEACE Jon's intuitive sound journey supports meaningful inward journeying and insights and will leave you grounded, centred, clear and deeply relaxed.

Hanna Angell

RETURN TO LOVE - Through movement, meditation, conscious touch, conscious relating practices and ceremony, and our hearts as guides, we will return home, together.

DJ Dipod

TRIBAL GROOVE - Bouncy techno and melodic house music will keep your feet moving at Wider Horizons until they can move no more.

Su Hart

SINGING IN UNITY - with choir leader Su Hart, teaching songs from around the world.

Shani Bella

CONNECTION TO THE BREATH - We come into this world and take our first breath. We leave this world and take our last breath. And in between, we forget to breathe.

Jote Prakash Singh

MYSTERY OF KUNDALINI - Come and learn how to navigate and awaken the kundalini energy in a contained way, giving space for your emotions and feelings.


SACRED IN ACTION -Together, we will sink into a deeper place through our connection to the Earth, ourselves and each other – tuning in through meditation, chanting and enquiry to connect to our true essence beyond the mind and limiting beliefs.

Nichola Moore

SACRED BREATHWORK - Come and experience your own magical inner world through the awesome power of your breath! Conscious, controlled breathing is one of the easiest and most immediate ways to relax the nervous system.

Hannah Burt

WILLOW CROWN - Weaving your willow crown, using raw materials, locally foraged with care. SMALL FORAGING BASKET - Small willow foraging basket. FRACTAL BIRD-FEEDERS - Natural, eco and sustainable bird feeders, with fractal design.

Hope Van Joel

SPIRIT ANIMAL CROWNS - Come and let your imaginations run wild in this creative workshop for all ages. We will use our hands, our hearts and our heads while we guide each other to create our woodland spirit creatures. Come take an immersive journey with us through your third eye into your wild animal dreams. A little adult guidance needed for younger adventures.

Rizzy Smith

THE DISCOVERY OF THE SELF - a conversational workshop on understanding the ego as a tool for spiritual enlightenment.

Matthew Baker

THE WAY OF THE MYSTIC WIZARD - An introduction to a Non Dual Shamanic Spiritual Practice and The Immortal Light Body

Gursharan Kaur

ASHTANGA FLOW YOGA - Join Sharan to participate in a set sequence of asanas, to develop mindful breathing, endurance, flexibility and strength in a dynamic process

Imogen May

THE WAY OF THE MYSTIC WIZARD - An introduction to a Non Dual Shamanic Spiritual Practice and The Immortal Light Body.

Liv Aires

SACRED SOUND BATH - A journey through sound, to balance chakras, release stagnant energy, ground the body and connect to emotions. SHAMANIC DRUM JOURNEY WITH GONG - A deeper shamanic journey invoking deeper states of consciousness, inner wisdom and magic. 1:1 TREATMENTS - I will be offering several 1:1 treatments if anyone feels called to explore deeper within themselves with sacred sound.

Dr Rosalind Pearmain

HEARTFULNESS MEDITATION - A modern form of Raja Yoga based on the heart. It is a very simple yet profound path. We focus on the idea of the presence of the source of light, or divine presence within the heart.

Dr Saskia Von Diest

ECOFLUENCY - Rekindle your natural ability for communicating with Nature, as a critical skill for future resilience, and a vital resource for abundance, happiness, health, and harmony.

Carrie Tree

TURNING WALLS INTO GATEWAY & SONGS TO FEED THE HEART - A transformative exploration looking deeper into our unique relationship to creativity.

Šárka Elias

LIVE IN CONCERT + Workshop - AWAKENING YOUR TRUE VOICE - Šárka will assist you in finding your true, natural voice.

Annee Bury and Lilly Hill

DANCING THE CIRCLE OF LIFE AND DEATH -This workshop is a regenerative opportunity to join together in circle, share and be witnessed in our collective grief, to share the truth of what we feel but find hard to voice. GRIEF AND LOVE FOR OUR WORLD - In this workshop, we will hold you through an inner journey in which, through movement, you express and share your own story of life and death.

Karen Lee

AS ABOVE SO BELOW; ASTRO MAGICAL THEATRE - Astrological psychodrama ritual.

Clara Lunar

CACAO & HAWTHORNE CEREMONY - These two plant medicines embrace and activate your heart & it’s deep, powerful wisdom.


FRIDAY NIGHT PERFORMANCE - Solo music performance with guitar and loop pedal

Megan Rose

Passionate about the Welsh culture, as well as taking inspiration from the Bhakti traditions, Amelia sings sings from her heart in service to the highest truth.

Megg Kwan

EMBODIED NESTING - My love, where in our lives have we been bracing, holding… and when was the last time you felt truly held…

Loz & Miranda

COLLECTIVE ACTION FOR OUR WORLD - Gather to connect to our collective humanity, call for peace and justice and gain access to the forces of collective action.

Carolyn Wade

STAY CALM AND BREATHE ON Get ready to level up your BREATH game in this workshop! We're diving into the fascinating world of your breathing patterns, comparing the daytime vibes to those nocturnal rhythms.

Athena Constantine Constantinou

Golden Wreath meditation; from deep within silence, our minds shape is lit, by the light of love wreathed in gold. Protected, strong, secure. Infinite possibilities. Become centred with the centre everywhere, seeing the world through new eyes with creative awareness.

Edmund Colville

OPENING YOUR HEART - A WAY OF HEALING Learn to fully open your heart and use it as the most simple and powerful healing technique.

DJ Jon Bongly

DRUMMING FOR ALL ABILITIES - Jon will be sharing a method for listening to and understanding beats, using a simple technique to create rhythms that fit within and complement other rhythmic patterns.


SLOW YOGA FLOW - wake up your bodies on your yoga mats. Recite mantra and take part in some breathwork. Set yourselves up for a wonderful start to your weekend.

Louis Weinstock

THE MAGIC POWER OF GRIEF - A safe space to grieve for the things we have lost, and to alchemise that grief into a source of beauty, magic and power.

John Scaife

FATHERS. WHO NEEDS THEM? - An exploration of the feelings and issues arising from being under fathered, miss fathered or fathered well, how it effects us and the world we live in.

DJ Jon Bongly

DRUMMING FOR ALL ABILITIES - Jon will be sharing a method for listening to and understanding beats, using a simple technique to create rhythms that fit within and complement other rhythmic patterns.

Chris Fitchew

QUEER SHARING CIRCLE - Connect with you Queer family in this non judgmental, safe and welcoming space. JOURNEY TO JOY - Harnessing more joy, harmony, love and wonder into our being.

Erika Tourell

SOMA FLOW - A grounding and nourishing somatic practice which will include gentle yoga, breath work, free dance and yoga nidra. MINDFUL INTIMACY - A journey of intimate connection with self, source and other.

Chris Park

DRUID LORE & CELTIC DANCE - Learn dances to firm the floor and fill the glade with music, song and celebration!

Chandvi Shah

CACAO CEREMONY - We sit in circle to gather as community. We will speak and share with each other. Serve Cacao and drink together.

Jonny O’Donnell

LIVE MUSIC FROM CONTEMPLATION TO CELEBRATION - go deep in the stillness of the heart and dance together in joy EMBODIED NESTING - Come and nest with us in this individual and/or shared somatic exploration, as we explore how it might be to soften into the moment, ourselves, each other…

Ravi Freeman

OVERTONE SINGING & VOICE WORKSHOP - A high energy and transformational experience of devotional singing with songs &  chants from around the world.

Alison David

FREE YOUR TRUE VOICE - Learn how we mute our true expression, how to use the voice as a sound healing tool and how much we have in common.

Alison David

MESSENGERS - FIND YOUR VOICE Uncover the blocks to sharing your voice, witness how much we have in common, be inspired to share your unique offering and walk away with tips for doing so.

James Mermagen

SYNCHRONICITY - what synchronicity means and how I use it as a guide in life each day, WAND MAKING -we will go out to the woods to choose live material to bring back and turn into magical talismans using crystals, copper wire and coloured string.

Shaun Higgins

DIVINE SHAMANISM - A circle discussion exploring the question: What is Divine Shamanism? THE ART OF NOTICING - A sit-spot meditation in Nature.

Richard Corrin

TRANCE DANCE - A guided dance to integrate the mind-body in a world of ecstatic narrative movement! UNMASKING THE MIND - An exploration into the depths of the collective and individual subconscious. FIRE KEEPER - Tending the sacred flame at the heart of our community and honouring the ancient traditions of the hearth.

Laura Wilcock

CELTIC SINGING CIRCLE - Learn songs to build connection and harmony. WILLOW WEAVING - learn to work with local withies

Benny & Benji

PLAYFIGHT - bringing a sense of playfulness, competition, and connection, offering profound insights into ourselves and those around us. SILLY OLYMPICS - revive nostalgic childhood games while fostering connection, playfulness, and inclusivity for participants of all ages to rediscover the joy of the inner child. EMBODIED AUTHENTIC RELATING - embark on a journey of embodied authenticity, forging deeper connections and discovering the transformative power of relational embodiment.


MADE FOR THESE TIMES - How to meet the challenges of these times for growth and resilience, to be a force of good in the world. HAVAN - Vedic Fire Ceremony for personal and Collective Healing.

Hetty Nutbeem

RAINBOW SERPENT CHAKRA DANCE - A dance to unite body, mind and spirit in joy, health and harmony! MEDICINE AT YOUR FEET - Learn to identify common plants as food and medicine!

Paul Taylor

OUR HUMANITY FROM BIRTH TO DEATH This describes how we descend down the embryo on the line of the spine through the Vagus nerve. The participants will be practicing Breathing techniques in order to resonate and expand the individual's own chakra system, discovering your core centre.

Erika Tourell

SOMA FLOW - a relaxing, uplifting and energising somatic (- through the body) exploration drawing on the traditions of Tantra and Kundalini Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation and Free Movement & Dance. WOMEN'S CIRCLE - co-create a safe and sacred space for women to heal the sisterhood wound, explore emotions, express freely, share experiences, and gain insights from others. INTIMATE CONNECTIONS - a fun, relaxing and deeply connective workshop to help you learn about boundaries and consent, overcome your fears of intimacy and to support your relational skills.


ROOTS REGGAE - The heart of Roots Reggae, pumped with the jump-up energy of Ska, and woven through with an Afrofunk groove. Uplifting Soulful Reggae and Afrobeat.

Ravi Freeman

CONCERT/VOICE AND OVERTONE WORKSHOP - A high energy and transformational experience of devotional singing with songs & chants from around the world

Kristina Evans

CACAO CEREMONY - An opportunity to strengthen our connection with Nature's intelligence, held by the exquisite medicine of Cacao.


INTI WAWACUNA - WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE SUN A sacred celebration event uniting the children of the sun to remember and to honour the return of the light, and the importance of the sun energy for all good of humanity and Pachamama.

JJ Middleway

DISCOVER YOUR "CHARM OF MAKING" - Create a personal Charm of Making and transform your life path. SONGLINES OF AVALON - Songs of Soil and Soul to inspire and Heal. BARDIC GROVE - Bardic Grove evoking creativity and inspiration.